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  • The Rua

    FOD Records is pleased and proud to announce that The RUA have joined the FOD Records family‎. Based in Windsor, UK they bring their own unique sound and songwriting that is becoming "the talk of the town" Look for their new single coming this fall.
  • The Rua - on FOD Records
    The Rua
  • Watch "Rain In England" - Tony Mortimer featuring Julian Lennon

    From the album "Songs From The Suitcase" Watch it on YouTube
  • Aggros Santos - on FOD Records
  • Gregory Darling
    video release for “Invitation”


The Rua

Alanna Brown, Roseanna Brown and Jonathan Brown. Album “Essence” is coming soon.

You won’t forget the first time you heard The Rua. It will be on a day such as this when nothing feels right and it seems like as good an idea as any to fill the silence with reason. Songs very rarely make you stand up and sing but Fight For What’s Right and Stand Out and Into The Crowd and Follow just might. And you could stand here all day and say that The Rua sound like this and The Rua sound like that but it wouldn’t get you anywhere – you’d still be standing up and singing. ... Read The Rua's full biography here


Tony Mortimer

Tony Mortimer: Songs From The Suitcase

There’s a song called Out Of The Frame on Songs From The Suitcase - the debut solo album by Tony Mortimer - and on it Mortimer appears to rally against his public image as a teenage rapper in a boy band. “Somebody take the smile and frame down off the wall/Goodbye Mr Yesterday - he won’t be back around at all/And time don’t melt the snow - freeze frame all the lies//Up and down I go insane - set alight the coat of white.” Naturally, it’s about trying to break out of a boy band but when you hear the song, two thoughts jostle for position...


Read Tony's full biography here


Aggro Santos

He’s lived in a jungle, he’s delivered top ten after top ten and it seems like Aggro Santos just can’t get enough of the limelight.

A South London raised Brazilian born Aggro Santos sets his feet back into British waters after two years mastering his craft and preparing to deliver another smash to add to his tally. Generating a buzz in the music industry is not something Mr Santos is a stranger to; in fact he carries more than his fair share of successes with 2 top ten singles including his smash debut release with Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt entitled ‘Candy’ and another Kimberly by the name of Girls’ Aloud’s Kimberly Walsh with 'Like U Like'.


British soil is not the only part of the world Aggro Santos is making his mark on, with plans to now branch out into European regions including Italy, France and Germany. 23 year old Santos is looking on form and well prepared as he makes his mark on home soil again, but let’s just hope there’s no worm eating, mud swimming challenges ahead.


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East 17

The recently reunited EAST 17 are one of the most celebrated and successful boy bands of all time...

...having achieved 18 Top Twenty hits (including House Of Love, Deep and Christmas No.1 Stay Another Day) as well as four Top Ten albums and sales of over twenty million records. The band consists of Tony Mortimer (who won an Ivor Novello Songwriting Award for Stay) plus John Hendy and Terry Coldwell and they just released their first new album for over twelve years.


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Gregory Darling

Gregory Darling is an enigma.

Famed for appearing in a choir conducted as a child by Ennio Morricone (Exorcist 2) and counting his diminutive godliness Prince amongst his die-hard following, Darling initially signed to Polygram as Darling Cruel and shifted 100,000 copies of his debut album Passion Crimes in its first week of release. Years later after a lengthy spell as Julian Lennon’s co-writer and two successful albums for FOD Records (Shell and Stew Americano), Darling has now found a new lease of life and it’s this optimism that makes new album ‘Coloured Life’ sound so young and full of beans.


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